UTI Focussed Equity Fund

UTI Focussed Equity Fund Performance:
A fund’s true performance potential needs to be evaluated within the context of the market environment prevailing during the different periods. UTI Focussed Equity Fund – Series I has delivered good performance relative to its benchmark. Placed below is the Fund Performance vis-a-vis Benchmark as of July 20th, 2017.

Source: MFIE
CAGR – Compounded Annualized Growth Rate. Past performance may or may not be sustained in future.

Please be aware that the Fund Returns towards the end of the maturity would be around the current CAGR returns, as the fund has started creating cash to meet the liquidity and avoid the impact of the sharp swings in the equity markets (if any). Current Net Asset in the fund is about 28% as of 30th June, 2017.

Case for Rollover: India story is now beginning to command world attention and one clear way to play this upside potential is through Indian equities. If recent flows are any indication, even domestic investors are realizing the relative benefits of Indian equities over the other asset classes. India’s stable macroeconomic environment and the slow but sure reforms of the Government are beginning to bear fruit at the systemic level. The trickle-down effect should benefit even the smallest business and kick-start a virtuous cycle of growth in revenues and earnings across a very broad base. India’s narrative of robust fundamentals endures, making it an attractive investment destination versus its peers in the emerging market basket.

Fund has significant exposure to the stocks which are cyclical in nature, we believe given the strong fundamentals and much delayed capex expansion would only continue to drive higher sales and earnings, which should be supportive for equity markets over the years to come.

Sector Break-up as of June 30th, 2017
Active weight against the benchmark S&P BSE 200

For the investment that will be rolled over, the fund would continue to invest in stocks, which we believe would be our best ideas to generate long term capital appreciation. The scheme will without any capitalization bias endeavor to invest in either growth stocks or value stocks or both. Fund will be a concentrated fund taking exposure of upto 30 stocks.

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