Best SIP Funds to Invest Online

3 year return: 16.3%

Fund Manager: Sonam Udasi

Top 10 holdings: 49.9%

Following the scheme mandate, the fund manager has selected 70% of stocks whose trailing price-to-earnings (PE) multiple is lower than the Sensex’s PE multiple. The remaining 30% of the portfolio can have companies whose PE multiples may be higher than that of the Sensex. The fund manager’s focus on companies with encouraging return ratios, quality management and high visibility of earnings has paid off well in the past three eyars. Winning ideas in financials, such as Yes Bank, City Union Bank and Bajaj Finserv have helped it post a stellar performance.

SIPs are Best Investments as Stock Market s are move up and down. Volatile is your best friend in making Money and creating enormous Wealth, If you have patience and long term Investing orientation. Invest in Best SIP Mutual Funds and get good returns over a period of time. Know which are the Top SIP Funds to Invest Save Tax Get Rich – Best ELSS Funds

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