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SBI Focused Equity Fund

How has the SBI Focused Equity Fund performed?
With a 10-year return of 17.82%, the fund has outperformed both the index (12.43%) and the category average (14.31%) by a good margin.
fr1 The fund has comfortably beaten the multi-cap category over the past decade.

SBI Focused Equity Fund performance (%)
fr2The fund has outperformed across time periods.

Yearly performance (%)
The fund has mostly delivered healthy outperformance in recent years.

Where does the SBI Focused Equity Fund invest?
The fund has hiked presence in large-caps in recent years.

Top 5 sectors in portfolio (%)
fr5The fund is significantly overweight in auto, engineering and metals.

SBI Focused Equity Fund Top 5 stocks in portfolio (%)
The fund takes outsized positions in its top bets.

How risky is it? fr7Should you buy SBI Focused Equity Fund?
This fund has been rechristened as a focused fund, but even in its earlier avatar as SBI Emerging Businesses, it maintained a concentrated portfolio. While the fund remains market-cap neutral, it has hiked its presence in large-caps in recent times. But it retains its mid- and small-cap tilt, where its exposure remains higher relative to many peers. The degree of concentration is also comparatively higher with the fund taking outsized positions in high-conviction bets and several small positions at the tail-end of the portfolio.

It has favoured financials with nearly 40% exposure to this segment. Its performance has been consistent in recent years, delivering healthy alpha relative to peers, making it a worthy bet for those seeking an aggressive, focused strategy.

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