Reliance Vision Fund

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HOW HAS Reliance Vision Fund PERFORMED?

With a 10-year return of 10.33%, the fund has outperformed both the category (10.01%) and the benchmark index (8.6%).

Growth of Rs 10,000 vis-a-vis category and benchmark

Should you buy Reliance Vision Fund?
Although classified as a large-cap offering, it is being positioned as a large- and mid-cap oriented fund. Its long-serving fund manager prefers growth businesses with an emphasis on quality. He runs a compact portfolio and is comfortable taking large positions in select stocks and sectors where he has strong conviction. Currently, the fund has large overweight positions in auto and engineering stocks and has also bet heavily on select MNCs.

Reliance Vision Fund distinct and aggressive approach often results in bouts of sharp over- and under-performance relative to index and peers. It enjoyed a strong run last year, but has been lagging behind this year. Investors may see improved returns once the fund’s transition phase is over—but it will be suitable only for aggressive investors.

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