Kotak Select Focus Fund

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High focus on large-sized companies is a sensible strategy at a time when mid-sized companies are trading at peak valuations. Among schemes, which have a high exposure to large-sized companies, and at the same time, are equally committed to cash in on growth stories in mid- and small-sized companies, is Kotak Select Focus. Kotak Select Focus Fund scheme has more than 70% of its exposure to large-sized companies, and the rest is dedicated to mid- and small-sized companies.

Among multi-cap schemes, Kotak Select Focus has distinguished itself by employing concentrated strategy on sector level and diversified exposure to stocks. This has worked well as it has beaten its benchmark every time in the past seven years. It has delivered 14.7% and 20.4 % in the past three-year and five-year periods, while its benchmark Nifty200 has given 11% and 14%, respectively during the same period. In the past six months, the scheme has enhanced exposure in diversified themes, such as retail to construction. Some of these prominent companies are Bata India and Larsen & Toubro.

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