Invest UTI Short Term Income Fund Online

UTI Short Term Income Fund Online

The fund seeks to generate steady and reasonable income, with low risk and high level of liquidity from, a portfolio of money market securities and high quality debt with maturity upto 4 yrs.

A fund which has managed a near 9.5 per cent CAGR over five years, this three-star fund uses a combination of sovereign and corporate bonds to earn short-term returns. The direct plan has managed returns that are 50-60 basis points ahead of the institutional plan in the last three years.

The fund is among the most conservative funds in the category in terms of taking on credit risk, given that nearly 90 per cent of the portfolio is parked in G-secs or A1+ or AAA corporate bonds. The fund does not shop below AA-rated corporate bonds for better returns. Instead, it takes a limited exposure to long duration G-secs to make the most of rate falls. The average maturity of the portfolio has hovered at three-four years on occasion but stood at a moderate 2.2 years by April 2016 end. This indicates that the fund takes rate risks to a limited degree.

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