Invest Birla SunLife Short Term Opportunities Fund

BSL Short Term Opportunities Fund Online

The scheme had been running a reasonable exposure to sovereign bonds

(~35%) in the last couple of months. Going forward, we intend to bring down

the exposure to sovereign bonds and increase exposure to corporate bonds.

After remaining at ultra low levels for several months, Corporate bond spreads

have moved up to median levels (50- 55 bps for AAA- Gsec). The fund is

currently positioned in such a way that ~50% – 65% of the portfolio is

invested in AAA/sovereign bonds and ~35% -50% of the portfolio is invested

in AA centric corporate bonds. For the last few months we were constructive

on duration and were underweight on corporate bonds. With expansion in

corporate bond spreads & softening interest rate environment, we intend to

build higher exposure to corporate bonds in our portfolio going forward. The YTM of the portfolio is currently at 8.41%. The fund continues to focus on an
accrual strategy with a high credit quality bias.

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