Franklin India Short-Term Income Plan

Invest Franklin India Short-Term Income Plan Online

Key Highlights:

· Open ended short term income fund whose investment objective is to provide stable returns by investing in fixed income instruments

· Invests primarily in corporate bonds with a focus on higher accrual income

· The fund focuses on investment opportunities at the short end of the yield curve by maintaining a low average maturity profile

· The fund is positioned between a liquid fund and an income fund in terms of risk reward

· This fund is suitable for investors with a time horizon of 9-15 months with moderate risk profile who prefer higher accrual and credit quality focused debt fund

Fund Details
Average Maturity 1.84
YTM 10.38%
Duration 1.46

Load Structure:

Entry Load: Nil

Exit Load: 0.50% if redeemed / switched out within 1 year of allotment date.

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