Franklin India Prima Plus Fund

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Franklin India Prima Plus Fund scheme aims to provide growth of capital and regular dividend from a portfolio of equity, debt and money market instruments and focusing on wealth creating companies across all sectors and market cap ranges.

Consistency has been prime attribute of this 20-year category veteran, which has earned it a four- or five-star rating for much of the last five years.

With a 65-75 per cent allocation to large-cap stocks, 20-30 per cent to mid caps and a marginal small-cap allocation, the fund hunts for growth at a reasonable price. Currently, the fund has a higher weight to large caps at over 75 per cent of the portfolio.

Franklin India Prima Plus Fund invests in wealth-creating companies whose competitive advantages are likely to translate into a superior return on capital. The research focuses not only on the track record of companies but also on their future strategies and their ability to generate wealth on a sustained basis. The fund avoids taking cash calls. Its mandate is to find equity opportunities in all kinds of market conditions.

Within the multi-cap category, the fund’s large-cap allocations have been higher than those of its peers. These have also been upped in the last one year.

Franklin India Prima Plus Fund three- and five-year returns are 4-5 percentage points ahead of the benchmark returns and 1-2 percentage points higher than the category returns. The fund has been a good risk manager and has contained losses much better than the category in every bear market, be it in 2008 or 2011. In runaway bull markets, like 2007 and 2009, this fund has lagged behind its benchmark. In the recent bull market, though, it has been an outperformer, both in 2014 and 2016.

Franklin India Prima Plus Fund is A fund you can rely on to deliver over market cycles.

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