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Franklin India FlexiCap Fund – Interest in large-sized companies is expected to go up in the coming quarters given their strong balance sheets, dominant market share and relatively better ability to deal with changes that affect the ways of doing business. Franklin India Flexi Cap is geared well to cash in on investment opportunities in large-sized companies and suits well for long-term investors with an investment horizon of 3-5 years. One notable feature of this scheme is its consistency of performance. The scheme is modelled after Franklin Templeton’s philosophy of selecting companies without sacrificing on attractiveness of valuations. Also the scheme’s fund managers R Janakiraman, Srikesh Nair and Lakshmikanth Reddy adhere to the fund house’s philosophy of choosing companies which have strong business models, competitive advantages in their respective sectors, and quality management. They are also open to selecting companies which may seem out of favour but perform well in the long-term. The scheme has consistently beaten its benchmark Nifty 500 and performed reasonably good against its peers. In the past threeyear and five-periods, the scheme has given 11.2% and 18% respectively while its benchmark Nifty 500 has given 11% and 14.5% respectively in the same period. In the past six months, the scheme’s fund managers have bought in companies which to a large extent are dominant players in their respective sectors and have also not run-up as well in 2017.

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