Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund

Franklin India Dynamic Accrual Fund Key Highlights:

· Open ended income fund with primary investment objective to generate a steady stream of income through investment in fixed income securities

· The fund is positioned in the long term bond fund category that focuses investment in high quality fixed income instruments across segments ie GSecs, Corporate Bonds and Money Market instruments

· The fund manager strives to generate steady return in the fixed income market by actively managing the fund’s portfolio on interest rate movements and credit risk

· The fund is suitable for investors with a time horizon of 1-2 years having moderate risk profile

Fund Details
Average Maturity 2.25
YTM 10.62%
Duration 1.75

Load Structure:

Entry Load: Plan A:Nil

Exit Load: Exit Load 3% if redeemed within 12 mths of allotment, 2% if redeemed after 12 mths but within 24 mths of allotment and 1 % if redeemed after 24 mths but within 36 mths of allotment ; 0.50% if redeemed after 36 mnths but within 48 months from the date of allotment.

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