BSL Equity Hybrid 95 fund

Birla Sun Life Balanced 95 Fund was labelled as one of the most consistent and steady funds in the balanced fund peer set. The fund has beaten its benchmark over all the last 10 years.

The fund is suitable for those investors who wish to generate equity oriented returns at lower level of risk.

Birla SunLife Balanced 95 Fund – Key Highlights

v Prudent asset allocation is key to wealth creation in long run. BSL Balanced 95 fund provides judicious mix of Equity & Fixed income in your portfolio and helps to minimize losses as fall in one asset class can be made up by rise in other.

v A great proposition to invest across market phases and especially now, when interest rates are falling and growth is gradually increasing; both the asset classes are expected to do well.

v Fund has a successful track record of more than 20 years. There are only 4 more balanced funds with a track record of more than 20 years. Since inception the fund has generated superlative returns of 20.88% (as on 31st March 2016).

v CIO managed fund – Mahesh Patil (CIO – Equities), who also manages our flagship funds like BSL Frontline Equity and BSL Top 100 is the manager of this fund. All of Mahesh’s funds are in top quartile of their peer group.

v Fund usually allocates 65% to 75% money to stocks and rest in bonds. Average exposure to equity maintained is 71% over last 3 years & 68% over past 10 Yrs, yet has delivered performance comparable to Pure Equity funds

v Fixed income portfolio is managed as mix of accrual and duration strategy. Birla Sun Life AMC has been known for fixed income fund management.

v Equity allocation tends to be multicap. While 2/3rd equity portfolio is in large caps and rest in small & midcap stocks. The Fund invests in companies which have secular growth prospects and are available at reasonable price. It basically focuses on bottom up selection for generating alpha.

v Quarterly dividend Policy – already paid out 4 dividends over last fiscal year. We intend to follow this policy in this Financial year as well.

v Since inception the fund has declared more than 28 dividends over 21 year period. Cumulative dividend paid out is Rs 109 per unit.

v An investment of Rs. 1 Crore at inception in the fund would have grown to an outstanding Rs. 63.1 Crore (CAGR 21.47%) compared to Rs 7.4 Crore in Nifty 50 (CAGR 9.97%) leading to an annualized outperformance of around 11%

v An SIP investor in the fund would be a “Crorepati” proposition with an investment of Rs.10,000 per month in the fund since inception grown to Rs.3.39 crs at an XIRR 20.79%. (as on March 2016).

SIP of Rs. 10,000 in BSL Balanced 95 over the last 10 years

v BSL Balanced 95 Fund has outperformed Nifty across market phases and Debt indices across market phases & majority of interest rate cycles.

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