Birla SunLife Balanced Advantage Fund

Birla SunLife Balanced Advantage Fund follows a dynamic asset allocation investment strategy primarily based on market valuations which helps in capturing the right opportunity. Equity markets will inevitably experience bouts of heightened volatility. These setbacks to market confidence, can result from numerous factors – domestic or global; ranging from economic uncertainty, corporate results, monetary or fiscal policy changes, financial contagion or geopolitical tension. It is normal for stock markets to react to the economic, political and corporate environment.

Volatility refers to price fluctuations in a security, portfolio, or market segment during a fairly short time period—a day, a few weeks, a month, a few months, and maybe even a year. Such fluctuations are inevitable in nature. However if one is investing for the long-term, volatility is not a problem and can even be your friend, enabling you to buy more of a security when it’s at a low point.

Key Highlights:

PE driven dynamic asset allocation – Solves the dilemma of selecting the correct asset class

Emotion-free investing – Allocation and rebalancing decisions in this fund are well-defined and tested processes that removes biases

Equity Taxation – Invests in both equity & debt asset classes, but seeks to maintain gross equity exposure of 65% at any given point in time

Regularity of income – Endeavours to provide month-on-month tax-free dividends

Fund for every market cycle – Suitable for investors looking for stable risk-adjusted returns over the long-term, irrespective of market conditions

Fund asset allocation update: The net equity exposure for the fund as on April 2017 is 42.12 and the trailing PE of S&P BSE 100 was 24.83

Volatility is your friend, not foe Invest Online

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