Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund

Invest Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund Online


Sometimes factors that are not in your control can have an impact on your financial goals.

By investing in Birla Sun Life Dynamic Bond Fund (An Open-ended Income Scheme) you have gone a long way towards potentially ensuring that they aren’t affected by fluctuating interest rates.


image2.jpg When interest rates are likely to rise:

The fund invests in short-term bonds that mature faster, so that it can invest in newer bonds of higher rates.

image2.jpg When interest rates have reached their peak:

The fund invests in long-term bonds. Your investment then benefits from a higher interest rate for a longer term.

image2.jpg When interest rates are going to fall:

You will gain by selling your higher interest-rate bond at a profit. When the interest rate falls, the prices of bonds rise. Hence, bonds that were bought when yields were high are due to generate capital gains when they are sold in a falling interest rate scenario.

The investment team of Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund, through its research and process driven investment strategy, would endeavour to capitalise on the available opportunities in a timely manner.



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